3-in-1 Coat Gallery

Sexy men wearing their 3-in-1 winter coats. Lined in soft nylon, thick polyfill, and a vest that they zip in to make sure they won't freeze. Men get hard putting on their 3-in-1 coats and have the urge to start fucking, sucking, and kissing their buddies who also wear the same coat, until ropes of cum get all over their bodies and in their coats.

About 3-in-1 Coats

It's cold outside. Winter arrived, and the snow and wind are extreme. You grab your 3-in-1 winter jacket that you go skiing in, first checking to see if you zipped it's vest in it. Then, you head outside.

While walking the wooded trail, you see a cute guy ahead, and he's in a 3-in-1 winter coat too. Your breaths suddenly get short, and you feel your cock getting hot and harder.

You walk faster to get closer. He hears you, and turns around and smiles. He eyes you up and down and says how warm your coat looks, but his polyfill is failing and he's cold.

You grab him close, and start making out profusely. Then, you undo his pants, bend him over a tree stump, and fuck his ass until he gets warm with your cum.