A collection of fantasy stories involving parkas.

This story is inspired by three things - my intense love of snorkel parkas, a story I once read online and a request from one of my followers. I haven't realized there are many parka fetishists who are not gay, yet they view my work for the parkas. I was asked to write a masturbation story instead of my usual sexual encounters. So here is my attempt at writing a story that is not specific to sexuality. Please feel free to write to me and express your thoughts. 




                 THE FROZEN LAKE


            Living near a lake in the summer is nice, but living near it in the winter is what I love. It is invigorating to walk along the frozen banks and watch the sun come up. I love the feel of a bitter wind whip across the surface and pummel my body. I get a chill because it is cold, but more because it turns me on.


    Winter Break


     It was a dark, cold day in December. The snow blew and so did the bitter winds. It was the weekend and almost all of the college students had gone home for the Christmas break. All except Chris and Josh. They are roommates at the college. They met each other this year, their freshman year. They were both from out of state and had a few things in common. They got along great and spent a lot of time together.



                    Skiing with Fetishes


           It was a bright cold day and the slopes were packed. The snow fell heavily over night and the slopes were in excellent shape. The wind blew harshly and it was a biting, bitter wind. But people could not resist the perfect snow for skiing. John was one of those people.


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