A collection of fantasy stories involving parkas.

Sitting opposite me, further down the coach, he had olive tanned skin, full lips, and a slightly quizzical expression. His eyebrows were jet black, but his hair, what I could see of it, was much fairer - maybe it had been dyed. He wore a brown school-type snorkel parka, unzipped to his chest with the orange lining showing, but with his hood up. He was reading "The Independent” and was, I guess, about nineteen.

I desperately tried to catch his eye, but with no success. Every now and then he'd chew at a bit of the fur round his hood, or at the toggle on the drawstring, like a puppy. I'd put my own parka up on the rack for the three-hour journey otherwise I felt that we could have got something going! He was certainly noticed by other passengers, also clad in winter gear -everything from city overcoats through duffle coats and ski anoraks to the parkas favoured by the newspaper reader and myself, although many had taken their coats off in the warmth of the train.

At each station, people left but nobody joined our coach, and I secretly hoped that I would be left alone with him as my journey was to the end of the line. Sure enough, at the last but one station, with over half an hour of journey time left, we were on our own. As the train pulled out of the station, I got up and pulled my parka off the rack. I shrugged into it in such a way as the hood went onto my head and sat back down, snuggled into my hood, shut my eyes and pretended to go to sleep, hoping I might coax him into saying something.

Sure enough after about five minutes I was aware of him getting up. He walked past me on his way to the end of the coach, to the toilet. As he came past, I felt and heard something - he leaned across the empty aisle seat and stroked the hood of my own Parka. I nearly had an orgasm there and then! On his way back I felt him stop again. He sat next to me, and I felt nylon on nylon as he rested his hooded head against mine. I pretended to wake.

"Sorry, just I thought it'd be friendly to sit next to each other - and I could wake you up at the next station in case it was yours" he blurted out.

"Thanks" I said. I was a bit confused.

"Like your parka" I said "But why have you had your hood up since we left Paddington?"

"Because I saw you at Paddington, and that you too were wearing a parka. Parkas turn me on, and yours especially".

"Why mine in particular?" I asked.

"Because of the colour" he said. It was a Canadian parka, deep dark blue with a scarlet lining and trim (draw cords, zip etc) goose down filled lining and a deep fur ruff on the hood. He was right, it was very very nice. But then, so was his. A traditional 70's parka with a very deep snorkel hood and an orange lining. It differed from the usual only because it was brown on the outside. But the combination of this pretty guy and the parka were irresistible.

"I've been hoping since Paddington that I could get close to you and that you might like me." He was certainly straightforward in his approach. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I was utterly painfully rigid inside my trousers.

"How old are you?" I whispered. "Don't worry I'm legal" he replied with a smile in his voice. "I'm just on my way home from an old school friend in London. I always fancied him rotten, but it turns out he thinks he's straight. I'm sure he's not. He's two years older than me, and although he might choose to forget it he certainly had a crush on me at 14. I've decided I like older guys, and to find one dressed in a real Canadian Parka makes me seriously horny. Here…." And he took my hand and pulled it under the hem of his parka, and placed it over the bulge in his trousers. "See?" he said. "Do you like that?" I was speechless.

He left my hand there and reached across under the hem of my parka and discovered my rigidity. He pulled the zip down, and let me out. He pulled my hand to do the same to him, and then produced a pack of condoms from his pocket. "We don't want cum everywhere on the train, so lets put these on and then we can wank each other off under our parkas and go home as if nothing had happened" he said.

"No" I blurted out.

"Oh" he said.

"Let's go down the coach to the toilet we can be private there and not run any risk" I said and we did. I was in heaven, and I think he was too. We kissed a lot, the fur of our hoods making a sort of tunnel of love, and all too soon we were at the end of the line.

"Do you need a lift?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah, it's just that I've got to pick up my brother. He's been with mates while I've been in London - our parents are away you see, so I'm looking after him."

"OK, but we'll have to behave ourselves - and you'll have to put your hood down!"

"No I won't - it's far too cold. Anyway, you'll like my brother even though he probably won't be wearing his parka"

"He can borrow one of mine if he's cold, I've got several in the car"

"OK here we go!" he said.

I led the way to the car park and unlocked the Mondeo. I started scraping the frost off the windows, and he stood watching. "Hey help me - I've got another scraper in the boot" I said, and opened the boot. He immediately grabbed my Spiewak Amsterdam Parka, a knee length snorkel of which I am very fond.

"Put it on" I said.

"No - you put it on me. Take this one off and put this on, I want you to dress me in it out here in the cold. Please." He said.

"Ok". I started to unzip his brown parka, admiring his slim torso as I did so. He was wearing a white hoody under his parka. He had his hair done so that there was a little upwardly sweeping fringe at the front. I put his parka with the others in the boot and let him slip his arms into my Amsterdam. He stood looking at me.

"Well?" he said

"Well what?" I dumbly replied. He really did look very pretty.

"Put my hood up, zip me up, tie me into the hood, I'm freezing here!" So I did. He showed his pleasure by kissing me hard.

"Come on lets get going. I'm sorry but I'm anxious that nobody sees us like this"

"Like what?"

"With our pricks so proud we could use them for a sword fight. That's what,” I said, wrenching open the car door, hearing the crack of the frost as it opened. He got in too, and I started the car. While it warmed up, I put my hood down, and fiddled around with the air-con and demister to get the best compromise. He said nothing. Just sat there.

I leant across him and pulled his seat belt on him. I felt under his/my parka and found that he was no longer on bonk. I undid the drawstrings on his hood, unzipped the snorkel so the hood would go down, and pushed it back. I did the same with his hoody. There he was looking sullen and pretty, not responding to what I was doing.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Do you want to spend the night with me?" he replied

"What about your brother?" I countered

"He won't mind"

"It's not him minding that worries me, its his age"

"he’s only a year younger than me – half-brother actually"

“18?” I needed assurance.

“Yes 18”

"And not gay?"

"I didn't say that. He'll suck you off if you want. He does it beautifully, it's just he won't be in his parka - it'll be a red down filled anorak, that's his turn on at the moment" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"The three of us?"

"If you like…." I drove off.

"Left" he said.


"Turn left - don't know where you think you're going, but you had said you were going to pick up Greg on our way back" I turned left and followed his instructions through the town and out onto a seedy housing estate. My friend used his mobile to ring Greg, and I only caught some of the conversation as I was losing my sense of direction fast. After a couple more turnings I saw some kids skateboarding on the pavement.

One thing they all had in common - hardly surprisingly - was a winter coat. Skateboarding anoraks in the most part, hoods up too, and among them was one that was obviously Greg. A vastly bulky bright scarlet anorak with a huge hood and presumably Greg inside.

My friend - I realised I didn't yet even know his name - yanked up his hoody hood and went to get out of the car. I grabbed him and put his parka hood up, and holding the hood by the fur trim kissed him deeply. "Don't want you to catch cold now do we?" He pulled away and got out to talk to the gaggle of hooded lads and their skateboards.

The bulky bright scarlet anorak and its huge hood detached itself from the group and got into the back of my car.

"Hi" he said, "I gather we're in for some fun!"

I felt myself blushing deeply at this, and covered my confusion by checking that my unnamed friend had his seat belt on as we drove off.

"Do you like my anorak?" asked Greg.

I could hardly croak my reply "depends what's inside it".

"Well I am, I'm blonde, blue eyed, and want to stroke an older guys cock while he rubs my hood"

I practically left the road!

I drove carefully to their instructions and after fifteen minutes or so turned into a gateway onto a drive, which led to a large detached house apparently on its own among fields.

“Are we alone here?” I asked.

“Sure” said Greg. “And I can’t wait to see what older brother has found for some fun!

“And I can’t wait to see what you look like with your hood pushed back” I said.

He took my hand and led it to the cord lock on his hood cord, and led me to loosen it. I watched as the hood opened to reveal in the lights of the car interior his sparkling blue eyes, and as I eased the hood back I felt the down-warmed stubble of his shaven blonde hair. I leant to push the hood further to expose fully this beautiful boy and he grabbed my arms to stop me.

“You’ve seen enough” he said “ its fucking freezing out there so you can put my hood back on – and bro will fasten you up too, won’t you Dan?”

I did as I was told, and Dan (as I now knew his name to be) gently pulled my hood up, stroking my hair back under the rim of the coyote trim and pulling the cords to cinch the hood tight without making it too tight for me to see out. We got out of the car, and I followed them in to the house, which Dan opened with at least two keys and the button pressing of a burglar alarm.

Dan turned to me in the hall of the house and nodded.

“You’re a nice guy, and we’re going to give you a night you’ll never forget, aren’t we Greg?”

“Yup” came the reply, and before I could say anything Greg held me by the arms so that I couldn’t move. Dan pulled the zip of my parka up all the way, and yanked the hood cords really tight so that all I could see was a fur tunnel.

“Don’t do anything – we’re going to dress you how we like you – then when we’re done you can do the same to us”

And with that I felt my shoes being removed, and my trouser belt undone. Greg pulled my trousers down, and unzipped the bottom of my parka. A pair of blue down-filled trousers were threaded onto my legs and pulled up, and lifted neatly over my corpescent quivering prick. I felt Dan gently stroking my hood near my left ear as I felt the trousers being fastened, and the flys being undone to expose my already weeping cock.

“Just hold on there” said Dan “don’t want you cumming until we’re ready to take you, which means you’ve got to let us out gently – Greg is going to let go of your arms, and I want you to let him take you as you kiss me and stroke me.

I couldn’t believe what was happening this red down plump head already onto me, his tongue playing with me, as Dan and I kissed fully again, our tongues clashing as I felt the nylon of our parkas rubbing together. He took my hand and guided it to his cock, and started me stroking him, as our kissing became deeper, and the red hooded head joined the rhythm of my stroking Dan so that in a slinky swishy nylon rubbing fur encased hooded eruption we came together, me fucking the mouth of this pretty blonde lad, as Dan came in my hand.

This just left Greg, wiping my cum from his mouth, as the final challenge.

“What do you want, Greg?” Dan asked in a way that suggested he knew the answer.

“Just want to fuck the man in the deep down Canadian parka doggy fashion”

“Do you want him to wear something else for you?” asked Dan

“I’d like him to wear that yellow North Face Himalaya suit of yours – the all in one – with nothing underneath, with the convenience panel unzipped so I can get into him, and the fly unzipped so he can get into you”

“Don’t you think he’d look better in the Canada Goose Artic Rigger suit – like the Expedition Parka but an all in one coverall version?” ventured Dan.

“You got it! You didn’t tell me you’d got it! I want see it!” demanded Greg, spluttering with indignation, his face almost as red as his parka.

“Yup, I’ve got it, but I want him to wear it for both of us, and I want him really to need that warmth, so that he enjoys it” said Dan.

I started to worry slightly at this point that they were about to treat me like the junior boy at school and strip me again. I started to head for the door as they grabbed me and held me tightly. My hood was undone and my parka unzipped by Greg as Dan put a gag on my mouth, as the parka fell away, he got my hands and smoothly cuffed me using cuffs up till then hidden in his pocket. The pushed me onto a chair and pulled off the down trousers and my underpants leaving me bollock naked with, suddenly, the smallest and most unexcited prick in the world. Without saying a word they marched me barefoot and naked to a kitchen at the back of the house, through the back door and into the garden where they left me, going back into the house before I could, and locking the door.

Boy was it cold. I had never felt it quite so cold – probably only about minus three or four, but with a biting wind which racked up the wind chill factor. I had a serious problem, and if I wasn’t careful would be in deep trouble if they didn’t let me in. I began to panic in case their fetish wasn’t in fact what was behind our activities, but illogically they were going to try to kill me – freeze me to death. The outside light of the house went out, leaving me in darkness, apart from the orange glow of streetlamps nearby. I started running on the spot to try and keep warm, looking around to see if there was anywhere I could shelter – even a garden shed. There was nothing. I thought about my car outside the front of the house, but I had carefully locked that when we went into the house, and the keys were – I hoped – in my trouser pockets inside the house.

Despite my fear and my running on the spot, I could hardly feel my feet, and my arms and hands were numb with cold. Against the dim orange of the distant streetlamps I saw something else – snow!

I hopped up to the back door of the house and started banging the handcuffs against it as best as I could. Eventually the door opened by Dan wearing his all in one Himalaya suit, he grabbed me and they uncuffed and ungagged me, and half carried me upstairs to a bedroom, which felt as cold as outside. I soon saw why, behind the thick drapes on the windows were large windows – open!

Greg was there dressed in my parka and some thick snow pants. Quickly, as if they had practiced this before, they got me into what I recognised as a Canada Goose Artic Rigger suit, zipping me up in the as yet cold nylon, hood pulled up tight, and lay me on the bed with one of them on either side. The warmth began to get back to me as they fitted me with down filled socks and mittens. The boy in my parka smiled at me behind the thick coyote fur of his hood, and at last spoke.

“Sorry to do that to you, but Dan and I just wanted to warm you up together and for us all to enjoy ourselves playing together in these beautiful clothes. Just relax and feel the warmth come back to you”

Dan, lying beside me on the other side began to stroke my hood near my ear, a trick he’d played on the train. Greg pulled my mittened hand on to his crotch and I felt the hard cock in there, as he pulled me over to him and kissed me hard – again through that tunnel of fur, our lips could only just touch. As that was happening I felt the zipped flap on the seat of my suit being undone (its there so that you don’t have to disrobe if nature calls). I felt Dan greasing me and starting to make preparations to enter me, as Greg’s warm tongue played over my still cold lips. My hood was being stroked still by Dan, a noise and sensation I was finding very erotic, as Greg led my hand to his now undone trousers. Through my mittens I felt his prick, and started gently stroking it, as me moaned gently into my face. I felt Dan enter me and start gently humping as Greg changed tactics to release my grown and anxious cock, and started sucking. If there is a heaven this must be it.

We eventually worked through all our tired bodies could manage in that cold room open to the snow, the morning dawned, and I continued my journey home.

Dan Greg and I now enjoy regular sessions in our parkas in the winter, the most exciting being in a tent on a frosty night one February on the Brecon Beacons. In the summer, we discard the down, but replace the nylon with waterproof clothing, and fuck in Gore-Tex instead.

Are there just the three of us who enjoy this or are there?