A collection of fantasy stories involving parkas.

I sat down to my packed lunch, taking a table in the employee rest area. Outside, cold winds were pulling at the clothes of the employees who braved the November weather to visit the fast-food chain down the road to pick up their lunch. What people in the office didn't know was the real reason I had chosen this spot to eat - from the window, you could watch the attractive men of the office walking to and fro, in their winter gear. I enjoyed anything nylon, from raingear to down jackets, but snorkel jackets and coats were by far my favourite. I'd never told anyone about my fetish of course, so to any colleague I just looked like I was enjoying the scenery. I’d been working there for nearly six months, and I was still finding my feet, and still on a temp salary. It wasn't great, but it paid the bills.

When I came back to my desk at 2PM, I had an email from my boss;

'Hi all
Mark from accounts has got some overflow work that's come in last-minute - if any of you are wanting to work overtime tonight, let me know.


I had no plans for this evening, so I mentally resigned myself to overtime. I'd been working there since the summer, but I was still a temp, and I was looking for any way to gain favour in Sharon's eyes, since she'd be the one either hiring or sacking me when my contract expired in two weeks. I replied to the email and went back to my work, trying not to think about how many days were left until the weekend. I wasn't expecting anyone else in the office to join me - the sun would be setting in a few hours, and most of my colleagues had better things to do with their time.

Sharon had replied to my email after a few minutes;

'Hi Tom
Thanks for letting me know, Mark will be down at 5PM to collect you.


When 5PM came around, as I was packing up my things to move to the accounts building for the night, a man came through the office doors, looking for Sharon. She redirected him to my desk. He was in his thirties, bearded, with a rugby player's build. Over his work clothes - a suit shirt, and smart, pinstriped trousers - he was wearing a black snorkel coat, with an orange lining, and a fur hood. I myself was wearing a similar coat, in navy-blue. I cast a quick eye to his groin, to observe the bulge in his pinstriped suit trousers. He placed a bear-like hand on my shoulder with an audible 'thump' on the soft fabric of my coat. I felt a straining in my cock, looking up at him for a brief moment. He fixed me with his intense eyes, and said 'are you Tom?'

'Yes, is there something I can do for you?'

At this his eyes glinted with an unfamiliar zeal.

'Yeah there is bud. My name's Mark, from accounts. I've got some overtime for you. Are you ready to go now?'. I zipped up my coat, over my now throbbing cock, which was starting to show in my suit trousers.

'Uh, yes, of course'.

Mark put on a pair of thick winter gloves and walked to Sharon's desk to pick up some sizeable stacks of paperwork. I packed my bag and logged out of my PC, saying goodbye to the employees who hadn't already left.

'You know, you're the only one who actually volunteered for overtime, Tom' Mark said.

'Is there much to do?' I replied, opening the door for him, grimacing at the rush of cold night air.

'There are a few boxes of forms that need scanning and keying. It shouldn't take us long', he replied, hands full of paperwork.

Outside, the weather had become frostier since lunch, and the wind beat at us relentlessly. The walk to the accounts building took us through a grassy area, lit intermittently by yellowed streetlamps. Mark and I made small talk, and I tried to concentrate on him, and not the warm erection in my pants.

We came to the accounts building, and Mark halted with the heavy paperwork in both gloved hands, and waited for me to open the door for him. The door wouldn't open, since security had already locked up for the night.

'Sorry bud' Mark chuckled, 'I forgot about the key. It's in my coat pocket, could you get it for me? Seeing as, you know' - he gestured with the heavy papers in his gloved hands, in a half-shrug.

'I, um, OK' I responded, unsure if he knew of the raging erection he had given me at the thought of touching the quilted nylon lining. I reached in to his pocket gingerly, in an attempt to look as un-aroused as possible. Inside, my hand found a smooth, padded nylon cavity, but no keys.

'The keys aren't there, sorry'

'Oh, my bad buddy, I think they're in my trouser pocket' he gruffly said. This set my mind racing. He must surely know what he was doing. And to leave me here, throbbing, horny, practically panting with lust, was pure torture.

I managed to conceal my blush, and reached down to his suit trousers, radiating warmth. I had only touched his leg with the tip of a finger when he said 'The other one, bud'. I stammered out an 'OK' and walked around to his far side, reaching in with my hesitant hand. His thigh was warm through the suit fabric, and for a moment I closed my eyes, trying to memorise this moment in clearest detail, committing to memory the warmth emanating from his thick upper thigh, the soft cotton fabric, the slight moan I was sure he made. For an infinitely long moment I was sure I touched the warm tip of his thick cock. My hand closed on the keys, and I stood up, my erection straining my trousers, to open the door.

The office was empty, dark and cold, and our muffled footsteps echoed in the gloom. I shivered.

‘Looks like security have turned the central heating off for the night’ Mark stated flatly, still in his black parka. He flicked a light switch by the door. The office lit up, but the extra light did nothing to warm either of us.

‘Find a seat, and we can get started’.

Mark sat down, his snorkel jacket bunching up slightly behind him.

I took a seat at a table nearby, still in my parka, logged in to the PC and began to work.

An hour later, I was still attempting to work through the backlog of tax forms, but thoughts of Mark were a constant distraction. It didn’t help that every movement he made, however small, sent a nylon rustling noise through the room. Across the table, I could see him working through organised piles of forms, still in his heavy winter coat. He looked up from his paperwork to glance at the wall clock, which was making its way slowly to 9PM.

‘So Tom, you got a girlfriend?’ Mark enquired. I blushed. ‘No I don’t’ I replied, eager to fill the dead air of our conversation.

‘Hmmpf’ was the gruff reply I received; then ‘I wouldn’t bother. More trouble than they’re worth if you ask me’. I thought this over. The wedding ring on Mark’s hand hadn’t gone unnoticed as we were working.

By 9PM, we were close to finishing, but I had been inconspicuously eyeing the bulge in his pinstriped trousers below the nylon layer of his snorkel jacket. As he worked, he would occasionally scratch or adjust it with a free hand. He caught me looking and I panicked, averting my gaze, desperately seeking something innocuous to study instead.

‘You just can’t control yourself, can you’ he said huskily.

I felt my heart pounding in response.

‘Control myself?’

‘I’ve seen you staring at me all evening Tom. I know what boys like you want’.

‘I don’t kn-‘ I began, but he was already standing up. He walked toward me with his powerful frame, his suit and jacket still on, and unzipped his bulging trousers, revealing a thick, meaty cock.

‘Suck it like a good boy’ he told me.

‘You mean-‘

‘Just suck my cock, Tom. I’m not stupid. I’ve seen you staring at me all evening. I know this is what you want. I’m a horny guy, and I want you to serve me’

I nodded silently and began to take my jacket off.

‘No. Keep it on. It turns me on to see you in that coat’ he growled. I put my jacket back on and bent down onto my knees.

‘Wait.’ He lent down to my jacket and zipped the fur hood up all the way. Now my face was encircled by the jacket’s fur lining. I put his hefty cock in my mouth and began to move it back and forth, which elicited moans of pleasure from Mark. He placed a large hand on the back of my head. With the fur surrounding me, I could barely see anything. I continued sucking back and forth.

‘Very good, bud. You’ve done this before’ he muttered, between moans.

Already his cock was stiffening and becoming warmer. I was in ecstasy. With my jacket drawn up and a cock in my mouth, I had tuned out. I was completely in a submissive headspace. I concentrated only on pleasing Mark, taking his thick penis and pleasing him as best as I could. His words descended into moans as I continued sucking. His hand on the back of my head pressed harder, pushing my face deeper into mound of pubic hair beneath his chest. My world was reduced to a dark, wet cavity. I couldn’t see anything, even his cock, yet it was all I could feel or taste. The only smells were his aftershave, and the faintly musky odour of his underwear. He placed his other hand on my head and pressed me in time to his thrusts. My mouth was completely filled with his cock. I was sure I would gag, but I kept going, revelling in the pleasure of sucking his cock under my jacket. Mark’s moans were growing in volume. With both hands, he pressed my hood and my head into his groin, and came. Mark exhaled a loud moan of pleasure, and a hot jet of come shot from his cock. I greedily swallowed it all. He quickly pulled my head back as a second and third arc of semen came shooting out, landing on my jacket’s fur hood, and my face.

‘Very well done Tom’ Mark panted. ‘You do know what I like’. I looked up at him, grinning.

‘Perhaps you might like some overtime tomorrow night too? I’m sure there are other things you could do for me’ he grinned. I looked up with his semen still clinging to the fur of my jacket hood.

The following day I walked to work feeling happier than I’ve felt for weeks. Last night, Mark had sent me walking home, with strict instructions not to wipe his semen from my face, or my jacket, until I got back to my flat. Since he wanted proof, he had taken my phone number, and as I walked into work the next day, my phone lit up;

‘Hi boy

I’ve got more overtime for you this evening as well. I’ve told Sharon you’ll be all tied up tonight. 😈


I grinned.