A collection of fantasy stories involving parkas.

   It had been a week since I had cock and I was jonesing for it. As I lay on my bed my hand shoves its way down my boxers and grabs my long cock. I need it. I need to be used. I need to be fucked. I need to abused and humiliated. I need to be bred rough and I need it tonight. I jumped from my bed and grabbed a quick shower. My cock flopping side to side as I went through my closet to grab clothes.


    Slipping on a pair of white socks and a light gray pair of boxers, I look at my tat covered torso and skinny form. I know I am hot. I know I am lusted after by so many guys. All kinds of guys want me. I'm not cocky, I'm confident. I grab a pair of baggy gray jeans and my Timberland boots. I slip the jeans on and be sure to leave them below my waist. I pull up my boxers a little and let them bunch slightly above the belt of my jeans. I slip my boots and go back to the closet for a shirt. Pulling out a gray long sleeve t-shirt I slip it over my head. But as I do, I decide I might as well go all out. I also grab the balled up white half t-shirt off the floor of the closet and slip that over my head as well. Its a cut up t shirt that goes just below my chest. But in big black letters it says "Im a whore". I might as well be sure guys know what i am out there for tonight. Its a cold night. A really cold night actually. I go back in the closet and grab my orange Air Jordan knit cap pull it on tightly over my head. Then I grab my new black parka. It's a parka some guy on the east coast sent to me because he was dying to see me all thugged out in it getting used by guys. I slide my arms into the sleeves and pull it up on me. The orange nylon lining wraps around my skinny body because it is several sizes to big for me. I like stuff baggy and this looks just right. The brown fur trim around the hood silhouettes my face perfectly. 

                 I head out and I decide I will walk the couple miles to the adult book store in town. I have been there many times. But on a cold, snowy night, I might be out of luck on finding the action I crave. My hands are wicked cold, I should have worn gloves. I shove them in my jeans pockets and hurry to the shop. My breath hurls from my mouth in condensation clouds. Its frigid. I'm horny. 

                The bell rings as I enter the vacant store. I nod at the owner who knows me by sight. He nods back and goes about his business behind the counter. I make my way to the back room and through the men's room door. It smells of piss. It's not a filthy bathroom, but has that stale stench men's rooms always have. I grab a stall and i wait. The hole in the partition between stalls is adequate. The usual graffiti adorns the rim of the hole. "Insert here", "Suck me", "Blow Me", "For a good time call.....". I rub my hands furiously together to warm them up. It's cold in the poorly lit mens room. I might be out of luck tonight. No one is venturing out. I sit on the toilet and slide my hand into my baggy jeans. I rub my cock and bring it to life. I stroke it slowly inside my jeans. I close my eyes and dream of the enormous cocks that could suddenly pass through the hole next to me. Dripping gallons of precum and hearing it hit the floor with a thud. The stiff shaft bobbing up and down begging to be sucked. I am lost in my thoughts when the door squeels open and brings me back to reality. The foot steps stop in the middle of the room. Then they slowly wander over to the stall next to mine. The door shuts and I hear the latch lock. My mouth waters. Silence. Short breaths. The sound of a winter coat being unzipped. The familiar sound of a pants zipper. I wait in anticipation......There it is!

                 A semi-soft cock slips through the hole. My lips part and I drop to my knees on the cold floor. Staring the cock I see gray hair around the base. A daddy! I moan softly as I let the smooth head touch my wet lips. Slowly my lips part and I hear his guttural moan. I let his cock slide gently into my mouth. It grows harder as it touches the back of my tongue.I reached up and took a hold of the shaft and stroked it slowly, bringing it to its full size. I swallow it over and over and let my expert lips suck on the daddy cock. He groaned and moaned and slammed his crotch against the hole in eagerness. I stroked that older man cock and let my lips kiss the wet tip. I stroked and squeezed drops of precum from the tip and let it fall onto my tongue. Salty. I dive back down onto his cock and swallow it letting his daddy pubes brush my nose. He gasps " Oh fuck son! Suck your daddy's cock boy!!!" his voice echoing in the cold bathroom.  I sucked him hard. He thrust his hips against the partition and in shook back and forth. His grunts made it clear he was close to shooting his seed. "That's it boy, take daddy's cock you slut!" His words had passion and venom in them. I locked my lips around the tip and let him thrust deep. I felt the first blast of daddy cum rocket down my throat. I backed off slightly so I could feel the next shot hit the roof of my mouth. He had a powerful shot for an older man. He probably hadn't shot a load in a long time. He screeched as he spewed over and over. I let the massive amount of thick cum build in my mouth, careful not to spill a drop. He shuddered and pulled out of my mouth. I heard the sound of a fast zipper and the struggling of the lock on the door. It clicked open and he scurried off into the night. 

                There I knelt on the floor. Reaching into my parka pocket, I pulled out a condom wrapper and and ripped it open. Unrolling the rubber I used my fingers to spread the the rim. I brought it to my mouth and I let the daddy cum drip from my tongue into the rubber. It was quite the load. It was thick and warm. I let the load run down into the reservoir tip and I tied it off. I held a small cum filled balloon in my fingers. A treat I will save for later. I put it in my pocket and regain my composure. I hung out in the mens room for a while, but no action was happening. I was still fuckin' horny as hell. So I went out into the video section. Maybe I would rent a good porn to watch. This adult store had all kinds of topics. They even had a few real amateur videos. Guys doing things almost illegal. Brutality. Force. At times you could find almost anything in this store. I heard the front door bell jingle as a new patron entered. I didn't get too excited. As I look through the videos, I still had my parka hood up on my head and the parka was zipped. I was still chilled from the walk and the cold mens room. I grab a DVD from the shelf and as I look it over, I feel someone nearby. I feel a nervousness around me. I act cool and turn slightly to get a glimpse. Several feet away I see a teenage guy. He is probably eighteen or nineteen, but has a boyish look. His skinny jeans are tight to his slim legs. He is wearing a blue parka, kinda like mine. Except his looks older and is longer. It covers his crotch a little. The hood is trimmed in grayish fur and it sits awkwardly on his shoulders from just pushing it off his head as he entered the store. He nervously looks at the straight porn titles. I chuckle to myself. Probably a gay boy who is nervous to look at the gay titles. I keep sifting through the various dvds, being sure to turn the covers slightly as I read the backs letting him glance at the gay porn I hold in my hands. He gradually makes his way closer to the gay section. I am amused by his shyness. I don't want to scare him away. It would be good to get my hands on a fresh cock. My hood still hiding my face, he moves closer and reaches out to grab a dvd. Jackoff Buddies Vol. 3. I sneak glances as he flips it to read the description. Putting it back, he grabs Jackoff Buddies vol. 4. Again, reading the description and placing it on the shelf. I watch as he looks at Circle Jerk Boys, Masturbation Men, Cum Shooters 9, and more. No doubt  this kid likes to jackoff or be jacked off. I reach out and grab a volume of "Jack Me Off Dude!". I let a slight moan escape my lips and I put it back on the shelf. I turn and slowly walk back to the mens room. 

               I stood by the sink and waited for that nervous kid to come through the door. My instincts were correct. The door slowly opened and he pushed his way in. I slid my hand up under my over-sized parka and down into my jeans. I gave my long thick cock a few tugs. He shyly looked down.


"Umm.....I ain't gay dude. I just like getting jacked off. " He sputtered


"I'm cool with that." I softly said as I approached him. I pushed him against the sink and let my hands reach up under his parka. I groped his crotch and could feel a nice thick bulge that was rock hard. I fondled him and he gasped softly. I looked him in the eye and he looked away. He looked back nervously. I let my tongue wet my lips very slowly and subtly. I leaned in closer to his face. My fur hood just inches from him. My hands groping his thick cock though his tight jeans. He looked down at my lips. 


"I ain't gay dude" he said softly. 


"If you're not gay, why you lettin' a gay guy grope this cock of yours?" I said as I squeezed his balls. He moaned and I leaned in and planted my lips on his. He pulled away and looked again in my eyes.


"I ain't gay man"


"I know, you said that. But I am. And if you want me to jack you off, you have to do two things for me."


 He looked at me nervously. 


"Kiss me and shoot your load in a rubber." 


The puzzled look on his face made me chuckle. He was nervous, but the more I groped his cock, the more I could see him submitting. I squeezed the length of his shaft in those skinny jeans and he shuddered. I leaned in and my parka hood surrounded his young face. I kissed him. His lips were stiff and unparted. My tongue pried at his barrier and soon the walls opened and my tongue slipped into his mouth. I felt his tongue pull back but with my hands all over his joint, he closed his eyes and gave in. We tongue kissed as I unbuttoned his jeans and reached my hands in. I slow the feel of slowly shoving my hands in the waistband of a guys briefs and groping a stiff shaft. My hands slowly slipped along his bare skin making him shudder. His cock was red hot and hard as fuck. He grabbed a hold of the sink behind him with both hands to balance himself. Pulling the long thick cock from it's hiding place tucked under his balls, it shot up and slapped his tight abs. I took a hold of the front of his parka at the bottom and used it to stroked his shaft. The cold, orange, quilted lining of his parka sent a chill through his body. I fondled him using his coat. I continued kissing him and he was receptive to it. His eyes closed tightly as if the images of girls he was kissing made this less gay. I could feel his cock getting harder as I gripped his parka and stroked him. He moaned in my mouth. I broke the kiss and turned him around to face the mirror. Standing behind him, I reached around and took a hold of his cock. Slowly I stroked him as I watched his face contort in the mirror. I leaned in and kissed the fur on the hood laying across his shoulders. I could smell his cologne, Gio, and I liked it. The gray fur trim of his hood tickled my chin as I softly kissed his hood. I edged my way to his neck and began softly kissing and licking it. He shuddered. My parka hood surrounded my head and as I lay kisses on his neck, my fur lightly touched him. I am sure it sent tingles throughout his body. I began nibbling lightly on his neck and I felt him stiffen. 


"Dude, careful, I'm not gay" he gasped.


              May free hand slid up the front of his parka and unzipped it slightly. Sliding my hand in and finding an erect nipple through his t-shirt, I began lightly twisting it. 


"You said that already." I whispered. "But here you are in a mens room of a porn shop, letting a gay guy jack you off. Your cock is probably harder than its ever been. You nips are hard as rocks. You gotta admit, you're a little gay!"


               He turned his head and planted his lips on mine. He shoved his tongue in my mouth and moaned loudly. I returned the kiss and stroked his engorged cock. I lowered my hand and slipped it into his underwear to fondle his nutsack as I jacked him off. His balls were extremely heavy. I was amazed at the heft and weight. In between kisses he moaned,


"I haven't shot in three weeks. I have been edging. I cum alot dude. I mean a whole lot. This feels so good. "


               I licked my fingers and palm and stroked his cock harder. Tweaking his nipples with my other hand, I knew I had him on the edge. His breathing shortened. He was close. I reached into my parka pocket and pulled out the rubber with the previous guys cum in it. I untied it gently and pulled it over the cock head of this parka wearing kid. I watched his face in the mirror watching me do this and seeing the puzzled look on his face. I gripped his shaft and continued to slam his cock up and down. He groaned and leaned back to kiss me again. I pulled on this kids cock with aggression. His tongue dug its way down my throat. He whimpered and shuddered. I could feel his cock tense up. I knew he was about to shoot. 


" Uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he cried out into my mouth. I felt the thrust of his seed blasting through his shaft. I gripped it hard and felt shot after shot exit his balls. I was amazed at the strength of it and the amount. I lost count at nine shots. I looked in the mirror and watched the thick, white cum filling up the rubber. I was in awe of the copius amounts of cum this kid was releasing. It would have made for an incredible facial shot. I had to take ahold of the condom on the tip of his cock so it wouldn't fall off and waste the enormous load. I felt the last few eruptions as he leaned forward to grip the sink. His knees were shaky and his breathing was heavy. He stood upright and I looked at the heavy, cum filled rubber hanging from his cock. I pulled it off and the snapping noise seemed to bring him back to reality. I held it up and looked at it. The condom stretched downward from the weight of his thick heavy load. I tied the end off once again and slipped in it my parka pocket. He looked at me puzzled.


"A snack for later" I said looking into his eyes. 


              He looked away embarrassed. I leaned in again to kiss him and he turned his head.


"I'm not gay man. Sorry."


"Well kid, when you realize you are and want this shit again, give me a call. My name is Jarvis and the phone number is on the wall in the stall over there. Maybe you wanna shoot that fuckin' load all over my face next time...." I leaned in to him to whisper..."Or shoot it in my pussy"


               He blushed and zipped up his jeans. "Thanks man, that was awesome". He scurried out of the mens room and I had to laugh. Kid doesn't know it yet, but he'll be calling me soon. He ain't gonna forget getting the best handjob of his life. My face will be in his dreams every time he is pulling on his pud. 


                I walked out of the mens room and went back to  the dvd section. My cock was leaking and I needed to shoot. I went back to deciding on which movie to rent. The bells chimed on the door and I turned to see who entered. My mouth hung open. My cock sprung to life. And I think I was drooling. In walked a black stud. He was at least six foot two, and had thick thighs. His legs covered by jeans that looked painted on. His tan Timberland boots were new and his belly was covered by a black, hooded, Carhartt jacket. His face was round, but not fat. His eyes were dark brown and his lips were puffy and pink. He pulled off his gray knit hat and revealed a cleanly shaved head. He glanced around and headed in my direction. I was in awe. I quickly tossed the hood of my parka off my head and unzipped the coat. I threw the shoulders back a little and let the fur trimmed hood hand down across my back. I kept my back to him until I could see where he went. He slowly sidled along the racks of dvd titles and approached the gay section. My heart raced. I reached out and grabbed a DVD " Blacks on Boys" and read the description. I felt his massive body get closer to where I stood. When I knew he was near, I turned a bit to face him. Still reading the dvd cover, my "I'm a Whore" t-shirt now appeared for him to see. My cock was doing its best to escape my jeans. The head was poking out of  the top of my boxers which were bunched up over my low sagging jeans. I scratched by abs raising up my t-shirt a little so he could see my excitement. He could feel his gaze on me. 


"Daym son, you just a white boy fag huh?"


             I just looked at him let me stare into my lusting eyes. I may have even drooled. 


"Fuck boy, you just goin' fo' it huh? Nuttin' like tellin' the world what you are" He said as he got closer. " You in luck son, I like me a good white boy to fuck. You eat azz?"


"Yessir!" I said a bit enthusiastically. 


"Oh you a good white boy. I bet yo azz is puckerin' right now wanting my big black cock in it, huh? Ain't nuthin' better  than a white boy who thinks he gangsta. I will tear that azz up son! I got me a rig outside. Bring that sweet azz outside and let's do this"


             I followed him out and zipped up my parka when the cold wind and snow hit me. Around the back of the building there was a big parking lot and there stood an eighteen wheeler with an extended cab. As we walked, he reached over and grabbed my sagging jeans. He spun me to him and I was against his belly. He grabbed my hood and leaned in to kiss me. I felt his puffy lips press to mine and his heavy tongue pried my lips apart. He dove in and gave me a forceful kiss. He yanked my parka hood up onto my head and held it there as he raped my mouth with his tongue. Holding the back of my hood with one hand, he shoved the other hand down the back of my sagging jeans and ran a finger up and down my ass crack. He moaned softly in my mouth as he probed. My hands went to his tight crotch and I felt a monster sized cock growing in there. I shuddered to think what that was going to do to my ass. 

            He broke the kiss and took me by the arm and shoved me towards his rig. He opened the door and stepped aside to let me climb up first. He grabbed a hold of my ass as I climbed up and he groped each ass cheek as he gave me a boost. Inside the cab I amazed. It was a lot nicer than I thought it would be. Flat screen tv on one side. Small refrigerator on the floor. Dvd player. Stereo. And a nice sized bed with several orange lined, fur hooded parkas spread across it that was perfect for two people. I could stand up in it too without bumping my head. I shoved my parka hood off and it fell to the side across my shoulders. I could feel his breath on my neck before he started sucking on it. His fat lips sucked hard and I knew I would have marks in the morning, but I didn't care. This big black man was gonna brutalize my skinny white ass and I wanted it.

              I spun around and reached up to unzip his Carhartt jacket. The heavy zipper made a loud sound as I slowly unzipped it. It actually turned me on hearing that zipper noise. I don't know if it was the jacket that turned me on, or the thought of what was under it. I slid my hands up under his tshirt and rubbed that round black belly. I love me some belly on a man. I rubbed it softly letting my hands slip around and around on it. My fingers fumbled with his thick belt and I undid his jeans. I pulled them down off his thick thighs and dropped to my knees. The shape of his enormous cock protruded from his blue boxer briefs. I took a hold of the waistband and pulled down letting that massive hunk of man cock slap me in the face. It was at least nine inches and thick as fuck. I wrapped my hand around it and was horrified at the weight of it. This cock was going to spit my ass apart. But not before it raped my throat. I licked the head and slowly wrapped my mouth around the head. I can suck cock like a champ, I've done porn, but this was the thickest cock I had ever wrapped my lips around. He reached over me and pulled up my parka hood. He gripped the edges and pulled my mouth farther onto his cock. I swallowed as best as I could letting my throat get used to the girth of this black cock. His fingers dug deep in the fur of my hood as he moaned loudly,


"Uhhh dats it white boy. Suck dat cock you faggot. Oh fuck. Lord I love me a white boy." 


                 My throat relaxed and it slipped a little bit farther into me. My fingers held his hefty set of balls and I slowly juggled them in my palm. They felt like they held a gallon of his seed in them. He shuddered. 


" Yeah boy, feel dem nuts. They holdin' a big nut for you. I ain't cummed in weeks. I ain't had no ass to blow in since last month. I hope you take a nut in yo ass, cuz dats where it goin'" he said firmly. All I could do was give him a muffled approval. My throat juices were lubing his cock well and it slid in and out easily. I reached behind his and started pulling apart his ass checks. I let my fingers probe his crack and pushed on finger against his hole. He was lost in the feeling of of his cock buried my throat and my fingers digging in his crack. He pushed me off his cock and scooted past me. He sat on the bed and removed his boots and jeans. He kicked off his boxer briefs as I just kneeled and watched. He climbed up on the bed on his knees with his ass off the edge of the bed. I knew he wanted me to feed on his hole and who was I to resist. I straightened my parka hood and I slid forward. I pressed my hood to his ass and shoved my face in between his cheeks. It was musky, but not dirty. He smelled good. I flickered my tongue against his pussy and watched it wink at me. Dug my tongue into his cunt and felt his body jumped.


"OHhhhhh fuck yessss, eat my azz niggah!" he cried out. 


          That's all the inspiration I needed to hear. I grabbed his thighs and held on tight as I buried my face deep and ate his hole like a champ. My tongue dug as deep as I could get it and I licked it until it was dripping with spit. I gave his hole a long, slow lick and dug in again. He whimpered like a girl and shoved back in my face. The fur trim of my hood pressed firmly against his ass was giving him a tickling sensation as well. I am sure it added to the feeling he now had. I gave his pussy a motorboat with my lips and tongue. he squealed loudly. I love to eat black ass. I would have done it for an hour if he hadn't pulled away and grabbed my hood to pull me up on the bed. The quilted orange linings and fur lined hoods of the parkas made a nice area to lay on. I climbed on the bed and laid across them. He lowered his body down onto mine and kissed me again. His belly pressed firmly to me. I wrapped my arms around him to kiss him like a lover. I felt his horse sized cock pressed against my sagging jeans so I slipped them off after I kicked off my boots. I didn't even undo my jeans. They were sagging so I was able to just wiggle out of them. He pulled off my boxers and our cocks pressed against each other. I'm hung pretty well, but mine looked small compared the monstrosity between his legs. My parka hood surrounded my face as he kissed me. He slid his hand under a pillow and pulled out a tube of lube. When I saw it, I whispered to him,


"No, fuck me dry and raw. I wanna be able to feel that whole monster spreading my hole and taking everything it wants. Fuck me like the faggot I am."


       The twinkle in his eye could have lit up the whole neighborhood. He kissed me hard and spread my thighs with his knees. I lifted my ass up and the felt the thick head of his cock pressed against my ass crack. This was going to be painful, but it was what we both wanted. A big burly black man, taking the pussy of a white boy. I was his. I lay under him staring up into his eyes. As his cock head dug its way between my cheeks, it touched my sphincter and I shuddered. It sent a chill up and down my spine. I have been fuck more times than I can count, and lube would have been the right thing to do, but I wanted to feel that black cock forcing its way inside me.I didn't want to lose the sensation of being taken. Being fucked is one thing, but being taken by someone is special. Once this cock was inside me, I would be his forever. I wasn't going to be fucked, I was going to be owned!

        His cock head penetrated the rim of my pussy. It burned as it entered. I bit my lower lip and exhaled. the smile on his face turned to evil grin. He could feel how tight my hole was around his cock. He leaned into me and I held still. The searing pain of a dry cock forcing its way in my cunt was almost unbearable. But I am a whore. A fuck toy. A load taker. A cum dump. It's what I am and it's what I do. My ass juices began lubing his cock naturally. With each inch he shoved into me, I got more turned on. His eyes closed as he buried the last three inches into me with one push. I wanted to scream, but it I was too turned on to let him know it hurt me. He kept still for a moment to let me ass muscles form to the shape of his cock. The pain subsided slightly. He opened his eyes and looked at me. I could see the look of pride in them. The look of ownership. He took what he wanted and he now owned my body. He slowly withdrew his shaft and plunge in again. With each thrust, my ass muscles adhered to the pounding. My cunt was stretched out farther than it had ever been. This horse-cock was breeding my hole. 

           He fucked my white ass with his black manhood and I took it. He stared into my hood and smiled. My mouth hung open and saliva dribbled out of the corners of my mouth. Each thrust pushed a little gasp out of my throat. He leaned over my hooded face and spit right in my open mouth. I swallowed it instantly. He chuckled and kissed me. It was a powerful kiss. It was the kind of kiss that should dominance. He took the kiss, he didn't give it. I had never felt more like a whore than I did with that kiss. His hands began to grope my parka as he fucked me. His fingers ran through the fur trim around my face. He held the hood in his fingers and pulled my head up into another forceful kiss. He reached over to grab one of his parkas laying beside me. He took the navy blue parka and shoved the orange quilted lining against my face. He caressed my face with it, shoving it hard. I could smell his scent. It made my cock jump. He pulled it away from my face and took a hold of the hood. The brought the soft gray fur trim to may face and lightly rubbed it on my cheeks. He slowly stroked my lips with it and the sensation was erotic. I parted my lips to kiss the fur and that seemed so make him happy. I kissed the fur sensually let my tongue dance in the softness. He shoved the trim in my mouth as he shoved his cock all the way into my pussy. I bit down on the fur and screamed into it. the fur muffled my excitement. Hearing my scream of joy he plunged in repeatedly. He began to fuck me with more rhythm. I bit down on the hood and sucked on the fur. It smelled of him. It smelled wonderful. He took a hold of the lower portion of the parka and wrapped it around my big cock. He jacked me off using the orange quilted lining. He didn't grip too hard. He held it just tight enough for me to have the sensation of the cool nylon quilting running up and down the length of my shaft. I had never used anything like it to jackoff, but the feeling was exhilarating. I loved the feel. He bred my pussy as he used the parka to jerk me off. I would have shot my load if he hadn't suddenly tossed the parka aside and buried deeper into me. I brought my knees up to my chest to expose more of my ass to him. He fucked me hard. My body was helpless beneath him. And I was beneath him, in every sense of the word. 

             He continued to pound my ass as I squirmed below him. His thrust we so powerful, he had shaken the cum filled rubber right out of my parka pocket. It fell on the bed beside my body. He saw it and slowed his fucking. He picked it up to look at it. Holding it from the knot I tied in it, it hung low from the heavy teen load and older man loads I had taken earlier. He smiled and looked down at me questioning.


"A snack for later" I explained. 


"You a nasty white boy ain't you?!" It was more of a statement than a question. " I like me a nasty white boy. It ain't fo' later, it's fo' now". He carefully untied the knot. 


         The anticipation was driving me over the edge. My ass juices were flowing against the cock buried in me and my cock was twitching against the front of my parka. He took the round edge and placed it in my teeth. He began fucking me harder. He took the tip of the condom and slowly raised it up. The thick load of cum slowly drained towards my mouth. I shoved my tongue into the rubber to let it drain down my throat. He fucked me like an animal. Seeing me accept that load orally was nasty and erotic. His enormous, heavy ball sack slapped loudly on my ass. I slurped the cum from the rubber and swallowed it. The taste was amazing. Salty and sweet. It felt like there was a gallon of cum in that rubber. His cock grew exceptionally harder in my ass. I could feel it. I knew he was close to breeding me. I watched as the last hunk of thick cum drained out of the condom onto my eager tongue. He pushed his cock all the way into me and hit my g-spot dead on and it made me start to shoot my cum all over the front of my parka. He watched as I exploded all of my thick white cum. It shot into my face. Huge globs of cum splattered against the fur trim of my hood. It dripped down onto my cheeks. I wasn't touching my cock and I was shooting buckets of cum. Over and over I shot soaking the front of my parka. My ass clenched around his shaft and his balls tightened up. With one last eruption of cum from my cock, it landed in my eye. He gasped loudly and grabbed my hood. He pulled my head up and shoved his tongue down my throat. He cried out in my mouth as his cock erupted deep inside me. I could feel the gigantic load of cum splashing against the walls of my pussy. Every hair on my body stood up at the sensation. I couldn't count the number of shots he painted me with. My cunt was being white washed in his cum. He just kept cumming. I could actually feel myself filling up. I shoved my tongue into his mouth as he continued to pound his load inside me. He whimpered and shuddered as his body convulsed. My legs were wrapped around his waist as he shot his last rope of cum into me. I tightened my ass around his cock to milk every drop out of it. He collapsed onto me and tried regaining his breath. I kissed his neck and the fur of my hood tickled him. I thought to myself, it's a good thing I can't get pregnant, cuz he just unloaded hundreds of puppies into me. 

            He let his softening cock fall from my ass and I instantly tightened so I would lose his load. I still felt full after he pulled out. How much cum did he leave in me??? I sat up and slipped my boxers and jeans back on. Shoving my feet back into my boots, I looked down at him. He looked so happy. He sat up and pulled the front of parka and I leaned into him. He kissed me again. 


"Thanks baby. That was the greatest fuck I ever had. Ain't no white boy ever gonna beat dat. You a nasty ho fo' sure"


            I smiled back at him. "Next time you're in town, let me know. Look me up on  the internet. The name is Jarvis Chandler and you will never forget it!"


             I climbed down out of the cab trying not to lose any of the load I carried in my ass. The snow was falling heavier now. I shoved my hands in my pockets and headed for home. I couldn't help but wonder if this parka I got from my new friend was the secret to my best night out, or if it was coincidence. I chose to believe it was my new lucky parka!