A collection of fantasy stories involving parkas.

Sitting opposite me, further down the coach, he had olive tanned skin, full lips, and a slightly quizzical expression. His eyebrows were jet black, but his hair, what I could see of it, was much fairer - maybe it had been dyed. He wore a brown school-type snorkel parka, unzipped to his chest with the orange lining showing, but with his hood up. He was reading "The Independent” and was, I guess, about nineteen.

I sat down to my packed lunch, taking a table in the employee rest area. Outside, cold winds were pulling at the clothes of the employees who braved the November weather to visit the fast-food chain down the road to pick up their lunch. What people in the office didn't know was the real reason I had chosen this spot to eat - from the window, you could watch the attractive men of the office walking to and fro, in their winter gear. I enjoyed anything nylon, from raingear to down jackets, but snorkel jackets and coats were by far my favourite. I'd never told anyone about my fetish of course, so to any colleague I just looked like I was enjoying the scenery. I’d been working there for nearly six months, and I was still finding my feet, and still on a temp salary. It wasn't great, but it paid the bills.

   It had been a week since I had cock and I was jonesing for it. As I lay on my bed my hand shoves its way down my boxers and grabs my long cock. I need it. I need to be used. I need to be fucked. I need to abused and humiliated. I need to be bred rough and I need it tonight. I jumped from my bed and grabbed a quick shower. My cock flopping side to side as I went through my closet to grab clothes.

                                                                         Gloryhole Snorkel Slut



            I heard all the rumors and stories about restrooms on the interstate. How some of them were hangouts for gay men who would suck off anyone who came into the stalls. I had even heard of restrooms where there were gloryholes. I've sucked a lot of cocks in my eighteen years on earth, but I've never done a guy through a gloryhole.

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