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Parka fantasy

2 months 2 weeks ago #184 by Parkalover
Parka fantasy was created by Parkalover
Two fantasy’s I posted over on fetlfe ages ago 

Hi, thought i'd share one or two of my fantasy's with you all. hope you enjoy :)
I am out walking alone at night wearing my Sage green Alpha N3b, its pretty cold and have my hood up whilst not fully zipped, i have the storm flap fully buttoned too,i am wearing gloves and have my hands in the upper pockets.
I am grabbed from behind suddenly and i have a cloth or rag pushed against my mouth, i struggle hard but i feel myself getting drowsy and sleepy. i pass out.
I awake. not sure how long later, but find myself unable to move, my arms, hands legs nothing, i'm unable to open my mouth either.. as i come around i realise that i have been tied up and gagged, still in my Parka.
My hands still in my gloves have been tied behind my back with rope about 12mm diameter they have been wrapped around several times and clinched, the rope also covers the bottoms of the sleeves of my parka pulling them down tight.
A long length of rope has been used to pull my elbows together tight then is wound around my upper body about 5/6 times then down towards my belly again wrapped around me 5/6 times securing my wrists to my lower back.
My knees are tied together both above and below them and my ankles and feet too.
I have had a rag or cloth stuffed in my mouth and it is held there by multiple layers of silver duct tape which has been wrapped around my head and is extremely tight.
I try to move but there's no hope, I'm in a dark room, basement perhaps with very little light.
I'm left there for several hours struggling before someone enters.
I hear a voice mutter something like, "oh you're trying to get loose are you" "we'll see about that"
As I'm face down, my head is suddenly lifted back and duct tape is wrapped around my upper head, blindfolding me.
i'm rolled onto my back and the hood of my parka is put up and zipped up fully encasing my head in fur.
I roll around struggling violently, mmmph mmmphing from my tightly gagged mouth.
I feel a foot push me in my belly as my captor torments my helpless bound and gagged body.
This lasts for several minutes, then silence...
the footsteps move away, but i dont hear a door close, my captor is still in the room.
I'm suddenly pulled face down by my legs, my face buried into my snorkel hood, i feel rope being wrapped around my ankles, then they're pulled up behind me, mmmph mmmph i protest as i know what's coming next.
My captor ties my ankles off to my wrists, completing my hogtie and sealing my inescapable situation.
I hear them leave, the door close and lock and i lie there helpless, wondering, awaiting what is in store for me next.....

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2 months 2 weeks ago #185 by Parkalover
Replied by Parkalover on topic Parka fantasy
Another fantasy of mine starts in a similar way with me out walking, sage green parka on and i'm grabbed from behind, mouth covered and i pass out .
This time i awake sitting upright in a chair, but again i'm unable to move.
As i assess my situation i realise, ive been tied to the chair.
My hands still in gloves, are tied tightly behind me around the back of the chair, rope is wrapped around my upper and lower body securing me to the chair.
My ankles have been tied off to each leg and each knee also, pulling my legs apart.
This time i haven't been gagged.
A female walks into the room and stands over me as i remain tied to the chair, she sits on my lap straddling me and kisses me on the lips.
This makes me very horny.
She notices that i'm getting very hard and strokes the bulge in my jeans.
She stands up and walks around behind me, i ask what she intends to do with me, but before i finish, she stuffs what i think is a pair of her panties in my mouth and seals them in with duct tape wrapping it tightly around my head, she continues with the wrap up onto my upper head blindfolding me.
My parka hood is put up and zipped up fully.
I feel my cock being stroked then my jeans being undone button by button, she takes my cock out and pleasures me all the time stroking my balls too.
I then feel her mouth around my cock as she sucks and licks all around my helmet, after a while i cant contain myself any more and i cum into her mouth.
She stands up, and tells me not to go anywhere as she'll be back to give me more of the same.
The door closes and only my panting and breathing breaks the silence...

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