This site contains imaginative pornographic images of men wearing snorkel parkas, submitted images by followers and many original pics. A unique look at a fetish that is greatly under-served. For us, snorkel parkas are considered extremely sexy and the images inside are a way of bringing the imagination to life. Come in and read the stories, enjoy the pics, submit your own original pics and share your thoughts on the message board. This site was created for the very few snorkel parka fetishists around the world.

About Parka Master

Being a middle-aged gay male with a unique fetish isn't easy. Since I was a young boy, I found myself fascinated with the popular snorkel parka style.

In the 70's, everyone wore them. As I grew up, my fondness turned to a sexual interest in them. Guys wearing them were a major turn on. Now, several decades later, I own a huge collection of parkas. Perhaps not as many as others have, but close if not over one hundred parkas currently.

The fact that there is no porn for fetishists like us, prompted me to become creative and make the kind of porn we want. I have created thousands of these images using parkas from my ever expanding collection. I never stop looking for pictures to edit and hunting for new parkas to add to my collection. Sharing these images with my parka loving friends is my way of giving life to our small community.

Latest News

Spring is here! IOt was a horrible winter here. One snowstorm to speak of and warm weather. It was not parka weather this year which took me out of the mood. I did manage to make some pics and they are now posted. Keep giving me inspiration to make more pics. This is the tough time of year to keep it going. Please contact me through the website or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..